Is Biochar the Answer to All Your Gardening Problems?

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Published on Oct 8, 2017
John from visits the home of Michael Wittman, CEO of Blue Sky Biochar in Southern California to get all your biochar questions answered.

In this episode, John will take you on a tour of Michael’s backyard to show you how he is growing food, reusing natures resources, making his own biochar, cultivating the best compost, adding fertility to his soil, and much, much more.

You will learn about many ways how Michael is leaving a lighter footprint on the planet and making the world a better place by reusing instead of recycling.

You will discover if biochar is all that is cracked up to be, why it doesn’t work, how you can best use biochar to create better compost, the specific mechanisms on how biochar actually works to improve soil tilth, what is wood vinegar which is a biochar by-product, and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of the episode:
02:42 Backyard tour Starts
04:20 Benefits of a Wood Chipper & Rain Water Collection
07:23 Growing Food in a Satelite Dish
09:23 How to apply Biochar to Your Lawn
10:20 Simple Biochar Kiln
11:20 BioCharlie – Easy Way to Make Biochar with any Fire
12:24 Cook You Food and Make Biochar at the Same Time
13:30 Best Fuel for Making Biochar
14:32 Best Way to Add Biochar to Your Garden
17:06 How to Make Compost Fast
18:18 How to Make Your Compost Better with Biochar
21:16 Growing Fruit Trees in Containers
24:22 Interview with Michael Starts
24:51 How did you get interested in Biochar?
25:36 What is the main benefit of BioChar?
27:37 Can someone buy Charcoal briquettes for Biochar?
28:16 Does the feedstock used to make biochar important?
29:13 How is Biochar made in a Commercial Process?
32:40 What is the easiest and safest make biochar at home?
34:20 How Biochar Can help sandy or clay soil become better?
36:09 Why does biochar not work sometimes?
41:45 What is Wood Vinegar and Why should be people use it?
45:12 Can someone buy apple cider vinegar instead of wood vinegar?
46:32 What is your website?
47:50 How you can get 20% off and a free sample of wood vinegar?
48:48 Any final Comments or thoughts for my viewers?

After watching this episode, you will learn some of the benefits of biochar, some ways to use biochar you haven’t learned about before, the benefits of wood vinegar and how to use it, how to get a 20% discount on biochar and wood vinegar and much, much more.

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