The Clean Energy Revolution and the Visionaries Who Guide Us: Book Talk and Signing | Trident Booksellers and Cafe

Join the authors for a book talk with a focus on the science, communication, advocacy, and opportunity of climate change. The talk will focus on both today’s climate crisis and climate visionaries, their inspiring work, and the promising solutions that could bring us to 100% wind, water and solar power by 2050. The authors will donate 100% of their proceeds from book sales to Massachusetts Climate Action Network, a non-profit focused on improving Massachusetts energy and climate policies and programs.

About the Book:

Climate change is often associated with predictions of dire calamities. But, in the past, heroic individuals have stepped forward to meet even the most ominous ecological challenges. This book tells an inspirational story–a story both of pioneering environmentalists who raised our collective consciousness regarding nature’s value and heroes of today who are working to secure a sustainable future.

One of our book’s features is describing the past environmental champions who contributed mightily to our nation’s conservation history. We believe the book’s message is especially important in this current White House Administration. Many of the environmental protections that our featured environmentalists worked for are under threat; we hope that getting to know the “heroes” in our book and the background on their initiatives will energize support.

Turning to the present, we recount the activities of people currently pursuing remedies for climate change–scientists, researchers, activists, artists, and celebrities. We base much of our information on recent personal interviews. We conclude with a set of actionable strategies, demonstrating that there are good reasons to hope that we can achieve a sustainable lifestyle, protect our planet as our home, and ensure the future for our children.

About the Authors:

Mariah Tinger has been devoted to nature ever since she could say “out(side).” Her first environmental hero was her father; as adults, they have conspired together to celebrate national environmental heroes. Mariah began her in-depth studies of climate change while pursuing a master’s degree in environmental management at Harvard University’s Extension School. When she is not researching or writing about climate issues, she is chasing her children or a faster marathon time in the Boston Marathon.

Budd Titlow is spending his retirement doing what he always dreamed of doing for a living. He writes natural history books, teaches ecology workshops, gives PowerPoint presentations and—ever so often—just drops everything and takes off in pursuit of wild bird photos. In his past life—as a professional wildlife biologist and wetland scientist—he protected natural resources and fostered sustainable land development practices.

Event date:
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 – 7:00pm

Event address:
338 Newbury Street, Boston, MA


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