Waterways Episode 268 – Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in South Florida

Published on Jan 6, 2014

Sea level rise is submerging the coastal communities of Florida, and jeopardizing investments and the state economy. Along with the personal and financial loss of property, comes a loss of habitat and wildlife. Climate change is real and is impacting the people and the landscape of south Florida. What is happening here in south Florida is happening everywhere on the planet. Half the world’s population lives within 60 miles of the coast; just about 3 to 6 feet above sea level. In 2007, Chris Bergh of The Nature Conservancy initiated a research project to identify impacts of sea level rise in the Florida Keys. They created digital models illustrating sea level rise scenarios from 7 inches to 4.6 feet to reflect the best available range of sea level rise for the year 2100.. Directed by Erik Hutchins. Presented by Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Everglades National Park and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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