Bill McKibbon – Koch-funded study…”Global Warming Real!”

The Big Picture RT

Published on Jul 31, 2012

A Koch brother-funded climate change skeptic has suddenly reversed course – and now proclaims that humans are “entirely the cause” of global climate change. Three years ago – this guy – physicist Richard Muller – was given $150,000 from the Koch brothers to co-found the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project to debunk climate change arguments. But on Sunday, after three years of intense research, Muller is biting the hand that feeds him by promoting genuine science and ringing the alarm bell that climate change is happening and humans are to blame. As Muller wrote on Sunday in the New York Times: “My total turnaround, in such a short time, is the result of careful and objective analysis… it appears likely that essentially all of this increase [in temperatures] results from the human emission of greenhouse gases.” From unprecedented ice melting in Greenland – to unprecedented heat waves and droughts in America – to sudden die-offs of reefs and phytoplankton in the oceans – the world is changing rapidly. And even Koch-funded scientists can’t deny it anymore. Unfortunately – it may now be too late. Centuries of hurling toxic greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere may have already pushed the world passed the climate change threshold. Meaning in the coming years, decades, centuries – our planet could be radically different than we are prepared to handle. For more on this – Bill McKibbon joins me – he’s an environmental activist and founder of – as well as the author of the book: “Eaarth.”


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