The Truth About Biofuels in America


Published on Feb 15, 2008

Google Tech Talks
February, 12 2008


Charles Anderson of Golden Fuel Systems will give a realistic behind the scenes analysis of many common alternative fuels and transportation options available in the United States such as: Ethanol, Biodiesel, SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil), Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. Charles will explain how an SVO conversion to a modern diesel engine works and compare the pros and cons of SVO and the other alternative fuels available. This presentation will be valuable for individuals who are trying to determine what alternative fuel choice is right for them. With his extensive work in the SVO industry, Charles has gained a unique perspective into many of the alternative fuels available in the United States.

Speaker: Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson is the founder of Golden Fuel Systems (formerly Greasel Conversions) which is one of the world leaders in manufacturing and installation of SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) diesel conversion systems.

For over 6 years, Golden Fuel Systems (GFS) has served the world-wide SVO community by offering affordable products, installations, unmatched customer service and knowledgeable technical support. With 6 installation locations around the globe, Golden Fuel Systems has helped thousands convert their diesel vehicles to run on SVO to avoid those costly fuel prices and lessen their environmental impact.

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