Richmond, California: 2 Arrested Protesting Kinder Morgan Pipeline + Warming from Climate Change Very Likely to Exceed 2 Degrees Celsius by 2100

Aug 01, 2017

Back in the U.S., two protesters in Richmond, California, were arrested Monday outside the gates of a Kinder Morgan oil terminal, as they locked themselves to oil barrels in a nonviolent protest against the company’s plans to build a new Trans Mountain pipeline in Canada. The project would triple the capacity of an existing tar sands pipeline in British Columbia to 890,000 barrels per day. Opponents also want the company to halt shipments of tar sands oil to refineries in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is Richmond activist Andrés Soto of Communities for a Better Environment.

Andrés Soto: “The higher sulfur content leads to faster corrosion of steel, that led to things like the explosion on August 6, 2012, here at the Chevron Richmond refinery. But also it creates more greenhouse gases and more particulate pollution. The greenhouse gases are destroying our atmosphere. And the particulate pollution is creating death and disease in our fenceline communities, like Richmond, California.”

Warming from Climate Change Very Likely to Exceed 2 Degrees Celsius by 2100
Aug 01, 2017

Tonday’s protest came as a new study found there’s only a 1-in-20 chance the planet will avoid warming by at least 2 degrees Celsius—or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit—by the end of the century. The study, published in Nature Climate Change, finds it’s extremely unlikely countries will meet the goals set out by the Paris climate accord in 2015—especially since the Trump administration has promised to withdraw the U.S. from the deal. Meanwhile, a separate study published Monday by the University of North Carolina estimates climate change will cause 60,000 deaths globally in 2030 and 260,000 deaths by 2100.


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