William and Margot Moomaw

Although the consequences of climate change may turn out to be sweeping and dire, experts say there is still time to counteract the worst effects — provided positive steps are taken promptly. Thus pessimism in the face of daunting predictions is self-defeating, because it may sap people of the enthusiasm needed to undertake doable changes.

This Humankind special cuts through misinformation and examines the consensus scientists have reached about the causes of the climate crisis and its possible ramifications. Then, a future that is both sustainable and attainable is described. And we hear the fascinating story of how one of the world’s top climate scientists and his wife designed and built an elegant home that has become a national model of how to enjoy a comfortable life with minimal impact on the environment.

  • Climate-friendly home — See photos and learn details of Bill and Margot Moomaw’s climate- friendly home in this PDF

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