Rolling Back Conservation Efforts Across The Country | On Point

Utah state legislators and their staff lead the way for Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and others in the distance Monday, May 8, 2017, through Bears Ears National Monument near Blanding, Utah. (Michelle Price/AP)

July 27, 2017


Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke tours the country’s national parks, his staff in Washington is rolling back regulations. We’ll look at what’s going on.


Trump’s Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke showed up on horseback for his first day on the job in Washington. An outdoorsman and former Navy Seal, he’s still in the saddle this summer, out riding the National Parks and federal lands. Back in the capitol, his team is ripping into Obama-era restraints on going after oil and gas and coal on federal lands. This hour On Point: the Trump-Zinke way with America’s public lands. And we’ll look at the president’s sudden ban on transgender military service.

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