Population and Food: Global Trends and Future Prospects (Global Environmental Change): Tim Dyson



The book has brought up the past and present situation of agriculture in the light of growing population.Cultivation in 1913 with N fertilizer (ammonia) and high elding varities in 1960 no doubt has increased the yield and per capita income and rejuvasized the agriculture. But in this period, most if the soils have lost its soil fertility and soil structure But in 2000 we are going back to the old practice of oranic cultivation to meet the growing population with modern agricultural technologies.. The changing trends are very well brought out in this book. The climate change in future agriculture may also have an impact on cultivation. Urban population is increasing and many are changing their life stylesThis will have impact on small land holding farmers in rural area.In many villages becuse of lack of water and labour problems for harvest leaving the cultivation. In futur I think, it may be possible to have plant development in urban area,using the latest technologiesand in rural area normal regular cultivationby the small farmers operated by bigwigs.Thus the gap between rich and poor are also likely to widen. All aspects comparing globally the author Time Dysen has brought out the book impressively.The food production and security may not be alarming. This is my view after seeing the limited preview.Dr. C.Lakshminarasimhan> Former Dean Science Faculty and Professor Botany and Microbiology AVVM Sri Pushpam College Poondi Thanjavur District Tamilnadu India narasimhancl. Camp Denver Co.



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