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We’re dedicated to expanding our reach and building a global grassroots movement. We rely on dedicated local and international organizations to identify regional best practices, guide our global campaigns and ensure our message of hope through regeneration reaches even the most remote communities.

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Land, Lives, Peace

This year’s Caux Dialogue on Land Security Conference, in Caux, Switzerland, focused on how to restore degraded lands as a means of regenerating local economies, increasing food security, fostering peace and reversing global warming.

Regeneration International’s roving reporter, Oliver Gardiner, produced a video featuring speakers, farmers, government officials, activists and other conference participants who spoke about kickstarting “a regeneration.”

Is it possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems? Yes—if we set the intention, said John D. Liu, ecosystem restoration researcher, educator and filmmaker.

“People all over the world are engaged in this process,” said Judith Schwartz, author of “Cows Save the Planet” and “Water in Plain Sight.”

Indeed, we all need to engage. With intention.

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