Caux Dialogue on Land & Security 2017 « Land, Lives, Peace

Initiatives for Land, Lives, and Peace (ILLP) is delighted to invite you to the upcoming Caux Dialogue on Land and Security 2017 (CDLS 2017) due to take place between 11-15 July at Caux, Switzerland. CDLS 2017 will focus on tackling land degradation and conflict, and advance the global discourse on best practice for implementing successful initiatives and investments.

*Register here*

Global economic losses arising from land degradation are estimated at $40 billion annually. Degradation releases soil carbon worsening global climate change, reduces yields, creates food insecurity, erodes livelihoods and drives migration. Where combined with weak governance structures, loss of the commons and other socio-economic inequalities, conflict often ensues.

“Currently farmers’ yields are lower by two to five times the achievable yields. We have to use the power of science to feed the rising population in the drylands of the world. Soil rejuvenation is the entry point. Investing in land regeneration is highly effective and gives huge returns.”
William Dar, Director General, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics at Caux 2014.

Land restoration and trust building initiatives minimise operational, social and environmental risks as well as offer opportunities to develop new, value-added products, and build new markets. At the same time, soil carbon sequestration reduces climate change impacts and improves agricultural yields. Yet these projects fail to attract sufficient global investments, despite the abundance of private capital in financial markets.

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