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What Do We Know About China and Climate? From Copenhagen (2009) to Hamburg (2017) | EV & N #250 – CCTV




With the collapse of U.S. international leadership after Trump withdrew from the Paris accord, China is likely to become the de facto global leader on climate issues.

How Oil And Gas Is Extracted From Shale

Oilfield Now

Published on Dec 6, 2015

A video explaining how oil and gas is extracted from shale.

Shale cowboys: fracking under Trump – (VPRO documentary – 2017}

vpro documentary

Published on Jun 25, 2017

Having your own energy sources is an important weapon in the world economy. Since 2013, the United States has made important foes of fossil-rich opponents like Saudi Arabia important in extracting shale gas and shale oil from its own soil. The price for a barrel of crude oil fell from 100 to less than $50. The Texan shale producers who survived this price tag are the new heroes of the United States. Under president Donald Trump, the shale cowboys are striving to help Europe to become independent. On research in Trumpland.

Original title: Schaliecowboys
Schale stone was considered worthless by the oil and gas industry in the past. They passed through on their way to expensive oil and gas that lay deeper. Until a small Texan gas company found a way in the late 1990’s to win gas from hard-shelled rock. By making deep boreholes in the stone layers of the soil and injecting a large amount of water and chemicals under high pressure, shale gas and shale oil are won. With this method, later known as fracking, the energy market changed forever.

In the meantime, one third of gas and oil production in the United States is a shale.And the bid consumer of energy is not only content to be independent, the country is now even an exporter of energy. OPEC, the organization of (other) oil exporting countries, keeps the oil price on the world market as low as possible, to make American production worthless. But for the moment, the oil countries do not get the shale cowboys on their knees.

How does this controversial innovation put the world of energy upside down? Because this new offer of cheap energy really gives us more time to bridge the transition to a sustainable world of solar and wind energy. A few years ago, all experts and analysts went out of the Peak Oil Theory. Namely, the fossil reserves in the world were running out. The shale revolution turned this theory into old dirt in just a few years. Fracking technology opens a whole new reservoir of fossil fuels.

The election of President Trump was greeted in Texas with joy and also seen as a recognition for what the shale revolution is going to be. And the future is even more rosy: recent geological research showed that hundreds of billions of dollars of shale oil are still in the so-called Wolf Camp Shale Field in West Texas. Who are the people behind this shale revolution? A portrait of the pioneers and the new Shale millionaires in Texas.

Daniel Yergin (energy specialist and author of The Prize and The Quest), Dan Steward, Kent Bowker and Nick Steinsberger (Shale Gas Revolution Geologists and Pioneers), Matt Miller (Dallas Gray Gray Energy Partners), Doug Shanda (Head of Operations Cheniere Energy in Port Arthur), Tommy Taylor (Director of Fasken Oil & Ranch from Midland Texas).

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2017.
© February 2017

The new chinese world order – (VPRO documentary – 2016)

vpro documentary

Published on Jul 23, 2017

For some time now, the establishment of the World Bank and IMF has had a Chinese counterpart: AIIB, which China intends to use to finance a huge infrastructure project to connect Asia and Europa, a New Silk Route. This new international financial institution forces Europe to take a side. The UK decided, against the urgent advice from the United States, to become a member, and also the Netherlands has joined the Chinese initiative. According to China watcher Martin Jacques, this is the beginning of a new Chinese world order.

Original Title: Chinese Wereldorde
While Europe is being tested by a tragic economic crisis, terrorist attacks and refugees at the gates, the founding meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Development Bank has been quite unnoticed. These are two new multilateral financial institutions that challenge the current order of the World Bank and the IMF. Both are led by China and are set up to bring the world-dominated World Bank and IMF to the crown.

After the British became members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, due to economic opportunities, the Netherlands, France and Germany also followed. The importance of this, initially, British shift of foreign policy is difficult to underestimate. The United States feels this is a direct threat to their sphere of influence. “The biggest diplomatic battle since the Second World War between the US and its main ally,” said journalist and China expert Martin Jacques about the surprising British step. And symptomatic of a new world order. But how does the Chinese influence differ from the American influence? Will Europe become a pawn in the battle between the two influence spheres?

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2016.
© February 2016

Climate change challenges sinking city of Venice

PBS NewsHour

Published on Jul 23, 2017

The Italian city of Venice is prone to frequent flooding because it has sunk five inches over the last century, but now it is also grappling with sea-level rise, caused by climate change, which increases the severity. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Christopher Livesay reports on the risks, and Italy’s plans to mitigate them, as part of our series “Peril and Promise,” on climate change.

US-china carbon deal: A historic milestone in the global fight against climate change | Damian Carrington | Environment | The Guardian


barack obama and xi jinpi 007

Damian Carrington

After 20 years of tortuous negotiations the agreement struck by the US and China marks the start of a solution to global warming

Be in no doubt, the agreement struck by the US and China on Wednesday to cut their carbon emissions is historic. It is the biggest step towards achieving a meaningful global deal to fight climate change in 20 years of tortuous negotiations. But also be in no doubt that, while absolutely necessary, it is a long way from being sufficient. As President Barack Obama says, it is a “milestone” – a marker on a longer journey.

Without sharp and rapid cuts in greenhouse gases the world faces “severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts” on people and the natural natural world: floods, droughts and even wars. That conclusion from the world’s scientists was signed off on 2 November by 194 nations.

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US and China strike deal on carbon cuts in push for global climate change pact | Environment | The Guardian

US President Barack Obama looks on as Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks during a joint press conference in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing Photograph: Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images

:Lenore Taylor, Guardian Australia political editor, Tania Branigan in Beijing and agencies

Barack Obama aims for reduction of a quarter or more by 2025, while Xi Jinping sets goal for emissions to fall after 2030

• Reaction to the emissions deal – live
• Interactive guide: How the world uses coal

The United States and China have unveiled a secretly negotiated deal to reduce their greenhouse gas output, with China agreeing to cap emissions for the first time and the US committing to deep reductions by 2025.

The pledges in an agreement struck between President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jingping, provide an important boost to international efforts to reach a global deal on reducing emissions beyond 2020 at a United Nations meeting in Paris next year.

China, the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, has agreed to cap its output by 2030 or earlier if possible. Previously China had only ever pledged to reduce the rapid rate of growth in its emissions. Now it has also promised to increase its use of energy from zero-emission sources to 20% by 2030.

The United States has pledged to cut its emissions to 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025.

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Do You Keep Secrets?

Sustainable Human

Published on Jun 28, 2017

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““If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”” ~ Nikola Tesla

Do You Keep Secrets?


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You Are The Lexicon of Sustainability

Lexicon of Sustainability

Published on Sep 23, 2013

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