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Trump gives ‘nothing concrete to guy w/ the lunch bucket’ – labor leader

RT America

Published on Jul 21, 2017

President Trump is promising greater enforcement of the ‘Made in America’ label and a crackdown on counterfeiters and theft of intellectual property, as part of his administration’s “Made in America Week.” This isn’t really helping the American worker, Larry Cohen, labor leader and chair of Our Revolution, tells “News with Ed.”

That one time David Letterman laid the smackdown on Donald Trump about his Made In China line of clothes


Published on Aug 30, 2015

That one time David Letterman laid the smackdown on Donald Trump about his Made In China line of clothing.

As Trump Touts “Made in America” Week, Indonesian Workers Toil Away Making Ivanka Trump Apparel

Democracy Now!

Published on Jul 21, 2017

https://democracynow.org – While President Trump is promoting “Made in America” week, we turn now to look at a recent investigation by The Guardian that revealed workplace abuse, grueling production targets and deplorably low pay at an Indonesian factory that makes clothing for Ivanka Trump’s label. Many of the female workers at the factory in West Java say the pay is so low that they live in constant debt and can’t afford to live with their own children. We speak to journalist Krithika Varagur in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital.

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CNN host shocked to learn US meddled in 81 elections in 47 countries

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Published on Jul 21, 2017

Michael Smerconish just did a segment on CNN with the banner reading, ‘International Intervention: Has the US meddled in other countries’ elections?’ In the segment, Smerconish’s guest, Dr. Levin, reveals just how extensively the US has meddled in other countries’ elections, and Smerconish appears very surprised. The Resident breaks it down. Follow The Resident at http://www.twitter.com/TheResident

Jim Hansen: Negative CO2 Emissions

Climate State

Published on Jul 18, 2017

Young People’s Burden: Requirement of Negative CO2 Emissions by James Hansen July 18th, 2017 http://csas.ei.columbia.edu/2017/07/1…

Via Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm57x…

Corporations Are in Charge of The White House

Public Citizen

Published on Jul 21, 2017

GOP Effort To Make Science ‘Transparent’ Worries Scientists : NPR

July 20, 20173:58 PM ET
Heard on All Things Considered

A pump jack at work in 2016, near Firestone, Colo. The American Exploration & Production Council, which represents oil and gas exploration firms, is one of many industry groups supporting the HONEST Act, which was passed by the House and is now with the Senate.

David Zalubowski/AP

Groups that represent industries from farming to fracking are supporting a legislative push to rewrite how government handles science when drawing up regulations.

And the whole effort has scientists worried.

Consider, for example, the Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment Act, or HONEST Act, which passed the House in the spring and now is with the Senate. Just how “honest” it is depends on whom you ask.

The Two-Way

Public To EPA On Cutting Regulations: ‘No!’

The HONEST Act says the EPA can’t take a particular action based on scientific research unless that research is “publicly available online in a manner than is sufficient for independent analysis and substantial reproduction of research results.”

Trouble is, making all that data widely available in such detail isn’t always possible — past studies may not have all this documentation. And it’s a huge burden to require that everything from raw data to computer models be made available to outsiders, says Thomas Burke, a professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who was a science advisor at the EPA.

“To say that every study needs to have the data out there — this is code for ‘We are going challenge it — to raise issues of uncertainty and play the delay game’ that was so successfully played, unfortunately, with things like tobacco,” says Burke.

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