National Gathering – Tramsotopm US

More than ever, people across the country are seeking ways to become more free of oil and of all the ways we are damaging the earth, the climate and each other. Transition leaders help their local communities become educated, aware and empowered to do what needs to be done, to try new things, start projects and and learn from each other. We are in the great Transition. If you aren’t already familiar with this movement, come on in, the water’s fine! The world needs your hands and heart and together we CAN and must build the world we want to live in!

From Thursday, July 27th through Tuesday, August 1st, some 250 Transition Town movement leaders and fellow resilience builders from across the country will gather in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Together, we will deepen our relationships with each other, broaden our knowledge of practical solutions, and scale-up strategies to bring our shared vision of healthy, sustainable, and just local communities to life throughout the US.

We invite you to join with other Transition organizers and dozens of dynamic and diverse presenters for a truly extraordinary event that will touch your heart, expand your horizons, and leave you inspired and energized for the work ahead. Learn more about this first-ever Transition US National Gathering by clicking on any of the links provided below.

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