Unprecedented Japan Flood


Published on Jul 9, 2017

When I say all seven billion of us are under the same assault, this is what I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, the manufactured deluges are created in exactly the same manner, and all communities wash away in the same manner as well.

This is also another example of why the incessant misdirection blaming the U.S. Government (or whatever your local government is) simply isn’t plausible. In this instance, we have Water Vapor Generation from China timed to combine with Water Vapor Generation from Japan, to create this deluge. Anyone think those two governments are in league with each other to cause this destruction?

We see an even more ludicrous example in the Gulf of Mexico every single day. Every day in the Gulf, at least 7 coutries (including Cuba) generate massive water vapor simultaneously, to force-feed the broken water cycle and fuel whatever storm they are trying to create. Anyone think after (and during) 60 years of embargo, Cuba and the United States are in league to cause destruction in the United States?

Of course not. So there is only one logical conclusion one can draw. Someone else is doing this to all of us, and our ‘governments’ seem to be as much in the dark, as the rest of the population.

Everyone on Earth – needs to wake up, and open their eyes.


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