Utterly flawed process of the IPCC revealed by Guy McPherson

Going South

Published on Jun 27, 2017

Maybe a mystery to ‘hard’ natural science professionals, but the social science nature of the setup or design of the Climate Panel process from research to reports and conclusions, needs to be addressed and understood, because the difference between a an adequate process and a corrupted one, is the difference between a panel that alerts humanity to severe threats of climate catastrophe and a panel that says whatever it needs to say in order to keep Business as Usual running regardless of facts on the ground in the Arctic and elsewhere where abrupt climate change is already taking place.

Serious people in the right positions of scientific power and influence need to call the bluff and say hey, this panel doesn’t help, it’s flawed to the core by its very design, and we CAN determine that even from a ‘hard’ sciences or systems perspective. It was most likely set up in the 1980s exactly in order to do what it is now doing, in these 2010s. It’s a scam.


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