Cambridge Climate Lecture Series

Cambridge Climate Lecture Series will run for the first time in February-March 2017, at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

In its first year CCLS will bde dedicated to the memory of David MacKay, one of the greatest communicators of our time.

The first three lectures will be held on Thursdays 13 Feb, 2 March and 9 March at 5.30pm in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre in Trinity College Cambridge.

The fourth and final lecture on 16 March takes the form of a Panel Discussion as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

CCLS 2017 is open to all to attend but most significantly it is expected that the larges audience will be watching the lectures as they are live-streamed worldwide. Questions will be taken after each lecture communicated using the Twitter handle @CCLS.

We hope that you will enjoy the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series.

Hugh Hunt
Chairman of the organizing committee of CCLS


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