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Part 2: Lee Fang on Koch Brothers’ Demand For Obamacare Repeal & Lobbyists Flourishing Under Trump

Democracy Now!

Published on Jun 29, 2017

https://democracynow.org – In Part 2 of our interview with Lee Fang, investigative journalist at The Intercept covering the intersection of money and politics, he describes how the Koch Brothers have poured dark money into groups that are demanding the repeal of Obamacare despite public opposition to Trumpcare, and his recent article, Prominent Democratic Fundraisers Realign to Lobby for Trump’s Agenda.

A Cosmic Perspective: Four Centuries of Expanding Horizons – Lord Rees of Ludlow


Published on Sep 7, 2015

The ‘curious and ingenious’ men who met at Gresham College and founded the Royal Society were fascinated by the Sun and Planets; the ‘fixed stars’ were a distant mystery to them. Over succeeding centuries, cosmic horizons have expanded – largely thanks to ever more powerful instruments. So has our understanding – though each advance brings into focus a new set of mysteries.

The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from the Gresham College website: http://www.gresham.ac.uk/lectures-and…

Gresham College has been giving free public lectures since 1597. This tradition continues today with all of our five or so public lectures a week being made available for free download from our website. There are currently over 1,800 lectures free to access or download from the website.
Website: http://www.gresham.ac.uk

Historian: Republican Push to Replace Obamacare Reflects Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America

Democracy Now!

Published on Jun 29, 2017

https://democracynow.org – As Republicans attempt to revive a bill to overturn Obamacare, we look at the radical right’s attempt to reshape the role of the federal government—from healthcare to education to housing. We speak with Duke University historian Nancy MacLean, author of the new book, “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America.” MacLean also uncovers the instrumental role the late libertarian economist James Buchanan played in the right’s campaign to eliminate unions, suppress voting and privatize schools.

Trump Picks DAPL Lobbyist to Oversee EPA Water Safety in Same Week He Rolls Back Water Safeguards

Democracy Now!

Published on Jun 29, 2017

https://democracynow.org – As President Donald Trump announced this week that the Environmental Protection Agency will roll back an Obama policy that environmentalists say safeguards drinking water for one in three Americans, The Intercept reports that the person Trump has tapped to be the EPA’s water safety official is a former lobbyist with deep ties to a fossil fuel advocacy group that promotes the Dakota Access pipeline and offshore drilling. We speak with Lee Fang, investigative journalist at The Intercept covering the intersection of money and politics.

Cambridge Climate Lecture Series

Cambridge Climate Lecture Series will run for the first time in February-March 2017, at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

In its first year CCLS will bde dedicated to the memory of David MacKay, one of the greatest communicators of our time.

The first three lectures will be held on Thursdays 13 Feb, 2 March and 9 March at 5.30pm in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre in Trinity College Cambridge.

The fourth and final lecture on 16 March takes the form of a Panel Discussion as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

CCLS 2017 is open to all to attend but most significantly it is expected that the larges audience will be watching the lectures as they are live-streamed worldwide. Questions will be taken after each lecture communicated using the Twitter handle @CCLS.

We hope that you will enjoy the Cambridge Climate Lecture Series.

Hugh Hunt
Chairman of the organizing committee of CCLS


Real News Roundtable: The RussiaGate Distraction & Trump’s Free-For-All Capitalism


Published on Jun 29, 2017

From climate change to the brewing war in the Middle East, we’re in one of the most dangerous moments in human history, says TRNN’s Paul Jay. So why are we talking about RussiaGate?

Yes to the People’s Movement: Naomi Klein

The Laura Flanders Show

Published on Jun 27, 2017

The lines between politics and branding have been blurred, not just in recent years, but in a gradual effort by corporations to commodify media and politics. So says our guest this week, Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything, joining Laura to discuss her most recent book No Is Not Enough. How will the movements of resistance and creation challenge a “reality tv politics?,” and where is it already happening? Klein sets out the map. Plus, a short report on water protector Red Fawn Fallis, who faces an imprisonment for life sentence as a result of her participation in the Standing Rock protests of 2016. And an F-word from Laura on the manifestos, Labour and Leap — how their forward-looking ideas can guide us to alternative models of energy, economy, and equity.

Welcome | Yale Environmental Sustainability Summit


Environmental sustainability. Social justice. Economic development. Global equality. These priorities shape our present and the way we respond to them will define our shared future. The 2nd Yale Environmental Sustainability Summit (YESS) will bring together change makers from diverse spheres to share effective models of sustainability and build skills for action. YESS aspires to catalyze the Yale alumni community to take a fresh look at global “unsustainability” and cultivate solutions that connect people and priorities. The 2017 Summit will offer attendees the opportunity to strengthen social and professional networks, gain new knowledge, and expand their toolkits.

YESS 2017 will be organized around three themes: catalyzing, cultivating, and connecting sustainability-driven change makers. To catalyze sustainability efforts, change makers need to understand the benefits and challenges of existing models as well as to develop new ones for bringing sustainability to scale, namely financial mechanisms, political levers, and technological strategies. To cultivate these sustainability efforts, change makers must be both leaders and collaborators, fostering the skills needed to direct, demand, organize and listen. To connect their efforts to sustainability in all of its facets, change makers must be able to communicate clearly, to empathize, to tell compelling stories, and to thoughtfully understand and integrate context. They must be able to inspire others with a clear vision that impacts critical challenges in a meaningful way. They must be able to translate big ideas into real world solutions.

In its second iteration, YESS will again be planned and implemented by a team of enthusiastic Yale Alumni. We plan to expand upon the success of YESS 2015, and create an ongoing YESS “living ecosystem,” fostering working groups of students, faculty, alumni and staff that stay engaged after, during and before each bi-annual Summit. We are working to connect YESS 2017 to the University’s Sustainability Strategic Planning work, and to finding ways to share lessons across institutional platforms.