Climate Policy: the world needs to prepare for a risky future with Janos Pasztor

Oxford Martin School

Published on Jun 28, 2017

This lecture is organised by the Oxford Geoengineering Programme and the Oxford Martin Net Zero Carbon Investment Initiative

Do the implementation challenges of the Paris Climate Agreement mean that we need to begin preparing either for how to cope with dangerous levels of climate change and/or for deliberate “geo-engineering” interventions to control global temperatures? If so, what are the risks of the different options, and how can today’s policy-makers, citizens and consumers best respond?

Janos Pasztor is the Executive Director of the Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2), and former UN Assistant Secretary General for Climate Change during the negotiation of the Paris Climate Agreement. His presentation will be followed by responses from Professor David Karoly, University of Melbourne, currently an Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow, and Baroness Bryony Worthington, Executive Director of Environmental Defense Fund Europe, and one of the key architects of the UK Climate Change Act.

Oxford Martin School,
University of Oxford


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