Millions of Americans Suffer Worst Heat Wave Recorded History

Sheri Shah

Published on Jun 30, 2013

Dome epic creates excessive heat for eight states dangerous temperatures.But start with the millions of Americans who wake up on the third day under the heat dome. It is one of the worst ever. Look at the map.

Eight states stranglehold on the press I have excessive heat. Will you raise? Good morning.

Ginger. Reporter: At least another three days of oppressive heat and stick us with the records. It’s 90 in Las Vegas.

I’m here in Las Vegas. 123 in Needles, California, is the hottest I have ever been in June. Sacramento 107, 105 salt lake city, four consecutive days above 100, Phoenix, 119, and Las Vegas, to 117 today the highest of all time.

Today we begin the third day of what today is a deadly heat wave. Beet type until after some time. Reporter: At least one person has died in Las Vegas and dozens have been hospitalized with heat-related illnesses.

Although tied the record of 115 degrees for a second day, Southern California and their pets are sprinting for shade. Outside of San Diego, a walk was too hot. A woman had to be rescued from the air, sickened by the heat.

I remember seeing a lady, and she was like, it’s hot, I do not think I’ll be able to make it down. Reporter: And to the man who left us all of us were comfortable, this is the opposite. Very busy.

We started very early, do not know what time we do. Reporter: It’s not just the deserts, Houston had a record of 107. Volunteers there with what water and ice homeless.

You send the van to make sure they know that there is an op. Water from here, see you tomorrow. Reporter: In Scottsdale, Arizona, are cool in dark pools and foundations.

And Boulder City, Nevada, these ladies are saying umbrella dry heat. This man makes a refreshing discovery while this puppy enjoys his new favorite place. Ready for this?

Higher temperatures also in the hundreds of new here in Las Vegas, where am I again? High of 117. Phoenix, 116, death valley, 129, and again, it does not end today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, right in the middle of the week, and temperatures in the hundreds.


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