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Talk to Al Jazeera – Gambia: The business of human trafficking – Talk to Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera English

Published on Jun 24, 2017

According to the United Nations, 26,000 unaccompanied minors crossed the Mediterranean to Europe last year, most of those coming from sub-Saharan Africa were Gambians.

In the past three years, almost 15,000 people lost their lives trying to reach European shores.

Undeterred, young men and women continue to take this route in what the UN’s describes as the biggest humanitarian catastrophe of our times.

The UN estimates the illegal trade of smuggling people to be worth more than $35bn, and it is booming.

Despite joint efforts by police forces from Europe and Africa, few smugglers have been arrested or prosecuted.

Mohammed Lamine Jammeh, also known as L-Boy, help many execute this journey. For many, he is a hero. Families save up for years and take loans in order to send one of their children on this journey.

But who profits from this? Do these young men and women know the risks they are taking? How much do they pay for this journey?

L-Boy, guides us through the business of human trafficking, and explain why travelling to Europe through Libya or the “backway” as it is known here is an open secret.

Cholera cases in Yemen may rise up to 300,000 – UN

Al Jazeera English

Published on Jun 24, 2017

The UN warns there could be 300,000 cases of cholera in Yemen by the end of August.
More than 1200 people have died since an outbreak was declared in April. Children account for half of the registered cases to date.
Al Jazeera’s Hoda Abdul Hamid explains

In a Fair Fight, Karen Handel Would Have Lost (w/guest Greg Palast)

Thom Hartmann Program

Published on Jun 24, 2017

Thom talks with Greg Palast (Investigative Journalist, Author and Filmmaker – The Best Democracy Money Can Buy) about the recent election in Georgia’s 6th District, and all the rigging that’s happened over the course of time to ensure a republican win there, with 10s of 1000s of purged minority voters, etc…

Republicans Are Starving The Poor To Give The Wealthy Tax Cuts

The Ring of Fire

Published on Jun 24, 2017

A recent article on Common Dreams explained exactly what is happening in Washington, D.C. today – we are cutting vital services that save lives in order to give the wealthy elite a modest tax cut. That’s where the priorities of the Republican Party lie, and that is where they will always lie. If you don’t have several million dollars in net worth, then Republicans do not care about you. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this topic.

Link – https://www.commondreams.org/views/20…

DuPont’s Dumping of GenX Toxin in North Carolina Water Could Be the Next Fl int

RT America

Published on Jun 24, 2017

Description: Mike Papantonio discusses Dupont’s chemical called GenX that has been found in the drinking water of North Carolina residents and speaks with attorney, Chris Paulos about the case.

Al Franken TAKES ON Trump’s Interior Chief on Climate Change

Dose of Dissonance

Published on Jun 21, 2017

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Rick Perry Loses Cool When Sen Franken Confronts Him On Climate Change

Michael McIntee

Published on Jun 23, 2017

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is confronted with climate science-related facts in a US Senate energy budget hearing on Thursday.
Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) informed Perry that scientists have concluded that “humans are entirely the cause” of recent warming, to which Perry responded, “I don’t believe it” and “I don’t buy it.”

And when Franken reminded him this was the conclusion of a team of climate science skeptics funded by conservative petrochemical billionaires Charles and David Koch, Perry raised his voice and said: “To stand up and say that 100 percent of global warming is because of human activity, I think on its face, is just indefensible.”

More text from Think Progress: https://thinkprogress.org/al-franken-…

Al Franken BRILLIANTLY DESTROYS Rick Perry On Climate Change Science 6/23/2017


Published on Jun 23, 2017

Al Franken BRILLIANTLY DESTROYS Rick Perry On Climate Change Science 6/23/2017

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s BRILLIANT Speech on Dark Money, Fake News, & Climate Denial

Dose of Dissonance

Published on Jun 24, 2017

Sheldon Whitehouse delivers a speech on dark money, fake news, and climate denial on the Senate Floor. Captured: The Corporate Infiltration of American Democracy: http://amzn.to/2u0IGhU (Affiliate Link)
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‘Stripped of winning aces’: Gulf states issue list of demands to Qatar, want Al Jazeera closed


Published on Jun 24, 2017

Qatar has lashed out at fellow Gulf states, over what it sees as an attempt to limit its sovereignty and foreign policy. That’s after they presented Doha, which they accuse of sponsoring terrorism, with a list of demands. The countries recently cut diplomatic and trade ties with the sheikdom – and say the demands must be met if relations are to be restored.