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Many struggle over China’s extended fishing ban

Al Jazeera English

Published on Jun 21, 2017

Beijing’s annual fishing ban on all Chinese waters has been extended in a bid to revive depleting fish stocks.

But one month into the three-and-a-half month ban, Hong Kong fishermen are struggling with the longer blockade and are asking for government help.

More than half of all fishing vessels in the world operate in the South China Sea.

But some experts say the ban is not enough to revive fish stocks.

Al Jazeera’s Divya Gopalan reports from Hong Kong.

The Race to Solar-Power Africa | The New Yorker

The cacao-farming community of Daban, in Ghana, is seven degrees north of the equator, and it’s always hot. In May, I met with several elders there to talk about the electricity that had come to the town a few months earlier, when an American startup installed a solar microgrid nearby. Daban could now safely store the vaccine for yellow fever; residents could charge their cell phones at home rather than walking to a bigger town to do it. As we talked, one of the old men handed me a small plastic bag of water, the kind street venders sell across West Africa—you just bite off a corner and drink. The water was ice-cold and refreshing, but it took me an embarrassingly long moment to understand the pleasure with which he offered it: cold water was now available in this hot place. There was enough power to run a couple of refrigerators, and so coldness was, for the first time, a possibility.

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