Harvard Speaks on Climate Change | Harvard University Center for the Environment

April 28, 2017

Harvard Speaks on Climate Change

Harvard Speaks on Climate Change: Daniel Schrag Intro Video


Climate change is one of the most complicated and challenging problems the world has ever faced.

It is a global problem, and one that requires global action to manage the impacts and minimize the risks. Here at Harvard, we are fortunate enough to have faculty members with expertise, across many disciplines, who contribute through their teaching, their research, and their leadership to a broad effort to help lead the world toward solutions.

Harvard Speaks on Climate Change is an initiative of the Harvard University Center for the Environment (HUCE) to share the varied perspectives of Harvard’s faculty beyond the walls of the University. In the videos in this series, you will see faculty from across our campus discussing the many dimensions of the climate challenge: from law, business, and public policy, to public health, design, the sciences and engineering, and the humanities. Each video will lead you to an individual faculty page with more resources for those who want to dig deeper: additional videos from that faculty member, a selection of their publications, as well as faculty bios and links to their webpages. The videos are also catalogued so that users can browse by faculty, topic or category.

Our hope is that these videos will give viewers a better appreciation of the nature of the climate challenge, and offer insights to different pathways for the future.

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