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Can an EU-China alliance carry forward the Paris Agreement? | China Dialogue

China and the EU are moving ahead regardless (Image: European External Action Service)

Within 24 hours of President Trump announcing that a US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, leaders from the European Union (EU) and China committed to curb the use of fossil fuels, provide assistance to poorer countries in reducing emissions, and push ahead with low carbon technologies.

Although EU members are struggling to maintain their own momentum on climate targets, with some member states falling behind on emission targets, Chinese experts are bullish on the prospects of stronger EU-China cooperation based on shared economic interests and environmental realities.

Xu Jintao, deputy director, National School of Development, Peking University

Given the current circumstances, China-EU cooperation is the only option for moving forward. International trade talks won’t hamper China-EU climate cooperation – China has its own inherent motivation: domestic pressure to protect the environment and reduce emissions; while Europe has long held positive environmental ideals.

Many European nations are green and clean. If countries like China and India continue to increase emissions, their relative market competitiveness will fall. So both parties are motivated to cooperate on the climate.

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