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Predicting Antarctica’s Fate By Studying The Ross Ice Shelf | 360 VR Video | The New York Times

The New York Times

Published on Jun 10, 2017

Fly with scientists in a military cargo plane as they probe the structure of the Ross Ice Shelf. What they find will help predict Antarctica’s fate.

Agriculture and the Sustainable Development Goals


Published on Jun 10, 2017

The clock is ticking to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. One sector offers a broad solutions to the interconnected challenges of hunger – learn more about agriculture’s pivotal role in the SDGs.


PBS Global Warming The Signs and the Science

Jennifer Smith

Published on May 17, 2012

Climate Denial Crock of the Week – “The Medieval Warming Crock”


Uploaded on Mar 29, 2009

The so called Medieval Warming Period is an article of faith among deniers.
But what does the “Supreme Court of Science” say?
(this is just like the previous “Medieval vid” but corrected for spelling)

Climate Denial Crock of the Week – That 1500 Year Thing


Uploaded on Feb 22, 2009

Climate Deniers S. Fred Singer and Dennis Avery make their living by confusing and obfuscating the science of climate change. Their latest book, “Unstoppable Global Warming every 1500 Years”, is a compendium of vintage as well as cutting edge climate crocks. Let’s find out who they are and how they are bamboozling their audience.

Climate Science 1956: A Blast from the Past


Uploaded on Nov 7, 2010

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Many climate deniers still seem to think global warming was invented by Al Gore, in 2006.
As this recently uncovered recording from 1956 shows, the outlines of climate change science have been clear for many decades.

More Greenhouse history: “In the 70s, they said there’d be an Ice Age”

Excursions in Science, complete recording

The Discovery of Global Warming
summary of climate science history

The last 55 million years – Hansen et al, Target CO2

Hansen’s Bjerknes Lecture to the American Geophysical Union
pdf or ppt
download here

Isaac Asimov on the Greenhouse Effect: 1989


Uploaded on Jan 5, 2011

This video is part of a longer presentation at the Humanist Institute in New York in 1989, and it demonstrates yet again that the broad outlines of the climate change story have been understood for decades by, well, intelligent men who are guided by science.
It’s been a recurring theme in this series – that the science was essentially complete long before Al Gore, long before the IPCC, long before the Hockey Stick.

Whole talk here:
Isaac Asimov Radio Interview on the Greenhouse Effect: 1977