Are floating cities the future? » Yale Climate Connections

Illustration of a seastead, modeled after a local flower to honor the Polynesian culture. Photo courtesy of Joe Quirk/Seasteading Institute.
By Daisy Simmons Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sea Level Rise, Sustainability

While some people are planning for life on Mars, there’s a new movement of so-called “Seasteaders” planning to colonize a frontier a lot closer to home.

Quirk: “Seasteading is building politically independent cities that float on the ocean.”

That’s Joe Quirk with the California-based Seasteading Institute.

He believes that man-made islands will someday be home to independent communities where people can experiment with new forms of government and launch innovative businesses. He says these islands may also have value for places threatened by sea-level rise.

Quirk: “The immediate imperative is to provide a solution for these Pacific Island nations that are sinking below sea level.”

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