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“America First” makes America Last: Political Leaders, Citizens and Scientists Dismayed by U.S. Withdrawal from Global Climate Accord | EV & N – 247 – CCTV



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President Trump’s pursuit of an “America First” posture has diminished America’s world standing and vastly degraded America’s resources while it has simultaneously ravaged the poor and vulnerable members of society and enriched the country’s wealthiest individuals and financial investors.

Independent Lens | SEED: The Untold Story | Seeds Are Magic | PBS


Published on Mar 14, 2017

In this excerpt from the Independent Lens film SEED: The Untold Story, famed scientist Jane Goodall talks about how seeds work and spread is nothing short of magic. With animation and time-lapse photography we see the magic in the way they are brought to life after hitching a ride with an animal or being digested by one, or activated through fire. Dennis Klocek, a scientist, teacher, and gardener, here calls a seed a “doorway between the life of the old plant and its gift to the new plant.” It is a process of nothing less than reincarnation.

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Noam Chomsky – Breaking the Ignorance

Chomsky’s Philosophy

Published on Jun 4, 2017

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Noam Chomsky: the American Socrates on an Upbeat – Open Source with Christopher Lydon

Noam Chomsky, after all these years, retains the power to shock — in the bright title of his new collection, Hopes and Prospects, and with what sounds like good news in this conversation.

It’s Professor Chomsky’s cheerful conviction, drawing on his own trials in the Vietnam War resistance, that anti-war understanding and feeling run much deeper and stronger today in a freer, more humane America. It’s because of that popular war opposition today — inarticulate and ill-led, perhaps, but nonetheless verifiable — that the US assaults on Iraq and Afghanistan have not incuded the saturation bombing and chemical warfare that were standard fare in Vietnam and Cambodia.

He is sure that the anti-incumbent rage reported in the Tea Party overlaps substantially with his own chronic dismay at elite manipulations and moral corruption in our politics. The larger part of the Tea Party, he says, is built on real grievances in longer hours, shorter pay, ever-rising job insecurity.

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Noam Chomsky on Trump: The Worst Is Yet to Come | Alternet