James Hansen on Climate Change: We Do Have An Emergency

Nick Breeze

Published on Aug 8, 2016

Dr. James Hansen discusses here the problem climate change scientists have communicating the seriousness of the threats posed by climate impacts.

On the one hand climate scientists can see what the issues are and what the outcomes may well be, but there is a huge gap between what they are trying to tell us is happening and what we, the public, see is happening.

Towards the end of this clip, Dr. Hansen also alludes to “issue fatigue” that the public often signs of because the overall experience of current weather is that it is changing but not fast enough to really become a cause for alarm.

The most prescient aspect of this clip is that it is now 4 years old and almost nothing has been done to reverse the impacts of climate change and yet they are worsening year on year in a (as Hansen says) non-linear way.


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