Jeremy Grantham on climate change – MIT Climate CoLab conference

MIT Climate CoLab

Published on Nov 17, 2014

From the MIT Climate CoLab conference 2014, Crowds & Climate: From Ideas to Action, held November 6-7, 2014, at the MIT campus.

The Climate CoLab is a project run out of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence that uses a technology-enabled, crowd-based approach to tackle climate change by dividing the problem into sub-challenges, running contests that address key issues, and allowing its growing international community develop solutions.

The day-and-a-half program looked at how new technology-enabled, crowd-based approaches can help in developing creative new ideas and taking meaningful action on climate change. In this year’s event, we rolled up our sleeves and worked to figure out how to implement an innovative set of ideas to address climate change.

More information:
Climate CoLab – @ClimateCoLab #MITcc
Crowds & Climate conference –
MIT Center for Collective Intelligence –

This video was made possible by a generous gift from Lockheed Martin.


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