Nick Hanauer: How Should We Distribute Our Wealth? : NPR

February 6, 20158:44 AM ET
Heard on TED Radio Hour

Part 5 of the TED Radio Hour episode Seven Deadly Sins

About Nick Hanauer’s TED Talk

Nick Hanauer is a rich guy with several houses, but is he greedy? He argues that an increase in minimum wage would be good for everyone.

“The only reason to have a 300-foo-long boat is because they’re bigger than 200-foot-long boats.”

Nick Hanauer

About Nick Hanauer

Nick Hanauer has led or funded more than 30 companies across a range of industries. A “proud and unapologetic capitalist,” he has also been looking at our growing inequality gap, and the way it damages our democracies. In 2013, Hanauer published a commentary in Bloomberg BusinessWeek proposing a $15 minimum wage. Hanauer believes if societal inequality is allowed to grow unchecked, modern societies could start looking like pre-Revolutionary France.

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