Balliol College 2017 Highlights


Published on Apr 19, 2017

Highlights of the T-Talks held at Balliol College, University of Oxford on 10th February 2017. President Dr Sung Hee Kim welcomed the guests and audience to Balliol Hall, and thanked the Master of the College for his support during the 8 years of Voices from Oxford.

After a brief introduction from Prof Denis Noble, Master of Balliol Sir Drummond Bone spoke from the heart about how poetry can inspire young people. He was followed by Prof Jean Chen from the International Business School Suzhou in China. She talked on the Rise of China, with a specific focus on how ordinary people have experienced the rapid development of arguably the 21st century’s most important country.

Next up was Edward Howell, a student in International Relations who told the story of how he experienced Brexit and the interactions between East and West in the world. The final T-Talk was given by Nik Powell, Director of the National Film and Television School, who gave an entertaining and lively summary of how his experiences in life have helped him seize opportunities, as well as an analysis of how new technologies will change the ways we consume media in the future.

The evening finished with a Q&A session which featured intelligent and thought provoking questions from the audience, and concluded with a drinks reception.

Watch the full length videos of their T-Talks at

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