The “Earth Day” message is that there is massive world-wide support for science – mobilizing hands and hearts for human survival….

The world has now witnessed a global expression of massive support for the sciences — our most powerful means of learning where we fit as creatures in the grand and glorious fabric of life.  The fact is that the sciences are not alone because…

We must employ our hands to move with all the artistry and love we can muster so that our hearts and minds can soar to plan a new, sustainable society.  On this Earth Day — and forever more — we must turn to embrace the world around us and learn to hear and join the chorus on the only blue planet in the known universe that has evolved to support the song of life.

Our problems are great and viewed from afar our circumstance is precarious.

No matter how clever we may think we have become we live on a finite planet.  Our future depends on recognizing that we do not stand apart from nature, but rather we are a part of Earth’s every changing ecosystem.  We cannot and will not survive anywhere else.

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