Under the Cloud of Threatening War: Resurgent Militarism and the Climate Collapse of Fossil-Fueled Civilizations | EV & N – 243 – CCTV


The intensive consumption of fossil fuels and destruction of biodiversity in war and the preparation for warfare will hasten global climate collapse as nations become ever-more addicted to the combustion of ever greater amounts of the dwindling reserves of fossil-fuels and may even seek to resort to nuclear weaponry in their desperation for dominance.

As citizens of Earth we are now all burdened with nation-states that are structurally committed to consume and destroy whatever now remains of the world’s natural capital in their competitive quest for power and survival.

Our surest hope is to recover and discover a new foundation for civic action based on embracing, restoring and enhancing the integrity of  Earth’s biogeochemical cycling systems to work toward system-wide resilience and sustainability.

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