Surveying Gorongosa’s Biodiversity | HHMI


Published on Aug 19, 2015

Biologists Piotr Naskrecki and Jennifer Guyton identify and record the diversity of species in Gorongosa National Park’s Cheringoma Plateau.

An important part of the conservation effort in Gorongosa National Park is to identify the species living in the park, to ensure their protection and monitor their recovery. Every year, teams of scientists conduct biodiversity surveys in different areas of the park. In this film, we join Piotr Naskrecki as he leads the survey project in a particularly remote area: the limestone gorges of the Cheringoma Plateau. He has assembled an international team of experts who use a variety of innovative methods to capture species large and small. Part of the team is bat expert Jennifer Guyton, a graduate student at Princeton University, who identifies several new species of bats and discusses their important role as indicator species.

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