A Fictive, Failing Dystopian Future | On Point

A still from the upcoming Hulu TV series adaptation of Margaret Attwood’s 1985 dystopian novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale.” (Courtesy Hulu)

Check out the new fiction coming from publishers these days and it may scare you to pieces. Not horror scare exactly, but dystopia. Dystopian fiction is all over the place now. Books of the future gone horribly wrong. A new civil war in America. Crazy microbes on the loose. The planet a mess. Democracy done. Insane inequality. Killer drones all over. Walls and fences and people fleeing Earth if they can. Great. This hour On Point, we’re armoring up to look at the new wave of dystopian fiction. — Tom Ashbrook


Alexandra Alter, publishing and literature reporter for the New York Times. (@xanalter)

Christopher Robichaud, professor of ethics and public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. (@cjrobichaud)

David Higgins, speculative fiction editor for the Los Angeles Review of Books. Professor of English at Inver Hills Community College.(@canidaevulpes)

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