Out of the “Carbon Frying Pan” and into a “Nuclear Fire:” Energy and Weapons Choices Under Desperate Political Leadership | EV & N – 242 – CCTV


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American military posturing in the Far East has become worrisome because of the nuclear weaponry involved on all sides.  In addition, we are witnessing a dangerous resurgence of government support for the nuclear power industry — despite the enduring disaster in Fukushima and the bankruptcy of the Westinghouse Electric Company in America.

Ecosystem scientists argue that nuclear power and nuclear weapons must be abandoned and dismantled for the safety of the entire human community.  The Chernobyl “accident,” the ongoing Fukushima tragedy and the long-term impact of depleted uranium (DU) munitions pollution in the Middle East all make this abundantly apparent to the world community.   Nevertheless, desperate political leaders continue to promote the opportunity to divert tax-payer funds toward “profitable investments” both in new generations of nuclear weapons arsenals or in publicly guaranteed and highly subsidized nuclear power plants.

In response, citizens and scientists are mobilizing against this large-scale perversion of political power that has been mobilized by political and military elites to support nuclear expansion and proliferation as well as the public subsidy of the moribund nuclear power industry.

Concerning geo-engineering see:

See further discussion of nuclear and U.S. defense gestures in Asia:

and wider context of Asia-Pacific and North Korea nuclear weaponry discussions.

For an update on these issues see:

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