Something old, something new: digital media and the coverage of climate change

International Journalism Festival

Scheduled for Apr 8, 2017

During the US presidential campaign and the Brexit referendum, the media hardly mentioned climate change. Editors often see climate change as too niche or too preachy. Many audiences find the issue too remote, too frightening, or too consistently depressing. In many countries too, experienced specialist reporters, including science and environment correspondents, are on the decline because of cuts driven by dwindling revenue for legacy media. Some of the digital-born players like BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Vice and Quartz are helping to fill the gap by adopting innovative ways to cover the ‘old’ topic of climate change. This panel will explore what some of them are doing to reach young audiences.
Con: Milene Larsson (VICE News ), Stuart Millar (head of news BuzzFeed UK), James Painter (Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism), Akshat Rathi (Quartz), Akshat Rathi


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