Keystone XL And The Environment | On Point

March 27, 2017

President Trump is making a lot of big moves on the energy and environment front. Last week, he green-lighted the Keystone XL Pipeline out of Canada after it was stopped by the Obama administration. Tomorrow, he is slated to sign a big executive order pushing domestic oil, coal and gas and reversing the Obama Clean Power Plan. We want to look at where Trump energy policy is going.

“The President has really only given the pipeline approval at the federal level,” Bloomberg’s Jen Dlouhy said. But more levels of approval are still needed. The final route for the Keystone XL pipeline has yet to be approved.

By environmental activist Bill McKibben’s standards, however — any pipeline plan is an unnecessary and backwards-looking strategy.

“At noon time yesterday, 56 percent of the energy in the state of California came from renewables,” McKibben told us. “That’s the future of energy there.”


Jen Dlouhy, energy and environment reporter for Bloomberg News. (@jendlouhyhc)

Bill McKibben, author, environmentalist and founder of Distinguished scholar at Middlebury College. Author of “The End of Nature” and “Oil and Honey.” (@billmckibben)

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