1.4 Acre Urban Public Park Grows Healthy Food & Empowers Community

Published on Mar 25, 2017

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits a 1.4 Acre Urban Farm Park in West Oakland, California that is a publically operated park complete with kids area but also a community garden, and production farm that grows food for the local community.

In this episode, you will learn more about city slickers farms, a nonprofit organization that operates this privately owned, publically operated farm park. You will get a tour of all the major aspects of the park including the different areas and learn how they are making the best use of their space to grow food.

Next, you will discover why this community garden is one of the best maintained, and best growing that John has ever visited.

Next, you will learn about many different areas of the City Slickers farms, and how they are being more sustainable on their land by catching water and producing their own compost.

You will then learn how City Slickers Farms improved the well-being of their chickens by using observation and the resources they provided without being harvested for the meat.

John will then take you on a mini-tour of the farm sharing with you some of the easiest vegetables to grow in the bay area as well as some helpful gardening tips along the way.

John will then share the #1 vegetable that you must grow that grows like a tree and will provide you with leafy greens to eat 365 days a year!

Finally, John will interview the executive director, Rodney Spencer of City Slicker Farms to learn more about the farm and how it operates.

0:34:11 Start of Interview
0:34:37 What is the mission of city slickers farms?
0:36:46 How are you able to Build a Raised Bed Garden for people at No Cost?
0:42:21 How does the farm make money if you’re selling food at a loss?
0:48:30 Who are some of your sponsors that have made this possible?
0:52:20 How did the City, County, and State Government make this farm possible?
0:57:33 How can someone start a public farm park without money?
1:02:56 What is the best tip you would like to share with my viewers?
1:07:20 How can someone learn more about the farm and volunteer?

After watching this episode, you will be empowered to grow and teach the power of healthy food to others, and maybe even be motived to start your own non-profit farm to help feed your local community.

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