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Colonel Wilkerson Keynote: National Security and Climate Change, Why They Are Connected

Al Braden

Published on Feb 8, 2017

Listen to Col. Wilkerson’s Keynote Address on National Security and Climate Change presented at the 4th Annual Texas Citizens’ Climate Lobby Conference at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin, Texas on February 4th, 2017. Col. Wilkerson had behind the scenes knowledge and influence on the U.S. military efforts to understand and plan for the effects of climate change as they affect national security world wide.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby works with members of Congress on a bipartisan climate solution incorporating a revenue carbon fee and dividend to effect a rapid market shift to renewable energy and away from fossil fuels. See: citizensclimatelobby.org

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson is the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Government and Public Policy at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. His last positions in the US Government were chief of staff to Colin Powell at the U.S. Department of State (2002-2005) and Associate Director and member of that department’s Policy Planning staff under Ambassador Richard Haass (2001-2002). Wilkerson served 31 years in the US Army as both enlisted man and officer from 1966 to 1997. His final assignments were as Special Assistant to then-Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Colin Powell (1989-1993) and, later, as Deputy Director and Director of the U.S. Marine Corps War College (1993-1997).

This Ship United States is Sinking General Lawrence Wilkerson


Published on Mar 21, 2017

Published on Dec 11, 2015 Abby Martin interviews retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former national security advisor to the Reagan administration, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations. Today, he is honest about the unfixable corruption inside the establishment and the corporate interests driving foreign invasions.

Hear a rare insider’s view of what interests are behind U.S. wars, the manipulation of intelligence, the corporate media, the intertwining of the military and corporate world, and why the U.S. Empire is doomed.

Perfectly Put Chris Hedges, ‘Americans Are Living a Fantasy’


Published on Mar 22, 2017

Extract from Chris Hedges’ participation at the Miami Book fair in 2009. Original upload:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI_19…

Austraila’s Great Barrier Reef || Full Documentary with subtitles

Superb Documentaries

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Few biological wonders can rival those in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for spectacular beauty, and few filmmakers can rival National Geographic’s lush photography.

The giant colonial organism, though endangered by pollution and other threats, still spawns once each year in a gorgeous frenzy of new growth. It’s a fertile time for all of the creatures dwelling in and around the reef structure, and the National Geographic cameras capture barracuda, bright damselfish, giant marine worms, and many other lovely and fascinating neighbours.

The Great Barrier Reef May Be Dying Faster Than We Thought | National Geographic

National Geographic

Published on Mar 20, 2017

The latest surveys spell more bad news for the Great Barrier Reef. Following a record high water surface temperature and mass bleaching event in 2016, the Australian icon may be on track for a similar event this year. Aerial and underwater footage from 2016 and 2017, shown in this video,

This VR Game Shows Kids How to Fight Monsters in the Water | National Geographic

National Geographic

Published on Mar 22, 2017

The people of Thailand have been living off the river for generations. They depend on it for every aspect of life including drinking water, food sourcing, transportation, and sanitation. But there are dangers lurking in the water that they can’t see. Bacteria, metal, trash, and chemicals are polluting the community’s life source. With help from non-profit WATERisLIFE, kids are now learning how to combat these water “monsters” with a revolutionary VR game that doubles as an educational tool.

Indonesia Crisis: Clean water scarcity in Jakarta

Al Jazeera English

Published on Mar 22, 2017

Indonesia Crisis: Clean water scarcity in Jakarta.

For two decades the water supply in Jakarta has not increased.

People living in the capital of Indonesia still rely on river water and wells for washing and drinking due to a lack of infrastructure.

The ground water in Jakarta is also contaminated by unclean septic tanks

Indonesia’s government blames the people for polluting waterways.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Jakarta.

From Us to Me – Trailer

Journeyman Pictures

Published on Mar 22, 2017

East Germany then and now: remembering life in the GDR.

Local Food: On Personal Responsibility – The Permaculture Research Institute

Food. We all eat it. Why every single one of us needs to accept our personal responsibility to contribute to the growing of local food.

First, let’s look at the somewhat grim reality. Don’t be discouraged as you read onwards. The sooner we take on board the complexity of the problems, the more creative and complete the solutions can be. The good news is that every single one of us has so much to offer towards the solutions.

…(read more).


Massachusetts Goes to the People’s Climate Mobilization! Tickets, Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 9:00 PM | Eventbrite


On April 29, people from all over the country will come together for a powerful mobilization to fight back against Trump and Congress’ attacks on our climate, our communities, and our jobs.

A local coalition of labor unions, environmental justice groups, faith organizations, youth groups, and climate activism groups is coming together to send hundreds of people from the Boston area to the People’s Climate Mobilization on April 29 in Washington, DC. We’re joining forces because we think this could be a transformative moment for the Massachusetts climate movement. We share a powerful vision: together, we want to build a forceful, justice-centered movement that lifts up the voices and leadership of those most affected by climate change. Our work together is grounded in the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing.

We want to make sure EVERYONE who wants to can go to this exciting march! Sign up here to go to DC, or donate a ticket to help others attend.