Aeroponics Tower Build

Part 1
Published on May 4, 2015

Part one of how to build an aeroponics tower. This is built using cheap food grade components with a focus on using materials that are easily sourced or recycled.

Aeroponics uses small droplets of water and hydroponic nutrient mixed with air to maximise quantity and yield in a small area. Ideal for balcony/patio gardens, indoor or outside. Part 2 coming soon.

Shout outs:
Brock Hughes –…
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Part 2:

patchtoplate Shop “aeroponics” Sponsored

Published on May 26, 2015

Part 2 of the aeroponics tower build showing the system in operation including spray & misting, grow tubes, reservoir, pump and timer. A few weeks in now so you can see growth of lettuce, pak choi, basil and other leafy greens. Growth rate is amazing and tower is now keeping us in salad greens and herbs.

Part 3 coming soon showing more on the reservoir, how I mix nutrient and nutrient levels. Will also show a little on how I am rotating plants in the tower and managing the system.

Any comments or questions, please drop them in below and I’ll respond as best I can. Just realised how often I say “pretty much” – will cut down on that next video 🙂 Thanks for watching. (Sorry it is a bit shaky – shot it with my phone)


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