Taking Stock of What’s at Stake: Petro-Militarism and the Hijacking of the American State | EV & N – 239 – CCTV


As we take stock of what is at stake in the new administration in America, the news is disastrous for the global ecosystem.

Earth’s ecosystem  cannot endure any more “hot” or “cold” wars but Trump expands carbon-wasteful military spending.  And for what?  Primarily to gain new access and secure existing access to supplies of petroleum in the Middle East — something we should be replacing increasingly with renewable energy sources if we ever hope to become a sustainable civilization.  Fossil-fueled civilizations tend to become fossils — sometimes quite quickly — as that finite resource becomes depleted and there has been insufficient investment for the public good in available forms of sustainable energy.

See also:




In addition, see warning of nuclear scientists:


A clear alternative to this suicidal petro-driven expansionism is currently developing as an international initiative to think about and plan for a purposive transition to sustainability.   See:

transition-studiesUniversity faculties around the world are beginning to respond to our increasingly self-destructive nation-state strategies by offering new kinds of courses aimed specifically at designing alternative futures that can move beyond the extractivist logic of expansionist economics.  Harvard, for example, has begun to offer a course world-wide through its “distance learning” facilities, called “Envisioning a Sustainable Future…”

Citizens’ groups around the world are also using the internet to communicate.  The webcasts of the Cambridge Climate Research Associates, through Cambridge Community Television, provide an example of citizen-to-global-citizen communication, using civic institutions to forge new kinds of consciousness and inspire universal local action for sustainability.  Initiatives like these are springing up around the world to supplement or supplant the structures of the nation-state which have become captive to the logic of petro-intensive growth economics.

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