U.K. Claim That Burning Biomass Is Clean Seen as `Flawed’ – Bloomberg

by Anna Hirtenstein February 23, 2017, 4:00 AM EST February 23, 2017, 8:24 AM EST

  • Wood-to-power can emit more CO2 than coal, Chatham House says
  • BEIS reiterates stance that burning biomass is carbon-neutral

The U.K. government’s view of biomass as a carbon-neutral energy source is a “flawed assumption,” according to report from Chatham House.

The U.K. counts emissions from the supply chain that produces and delivers wood pellets or chips used in biomass power plants, but not when they’re burned to make electricity, the London-based research group said Thursday.

The report rebuts government policy, and comes as power producers including Drax Group Plc are using more of the fuel in an effort to reduce emissions produced from coal.

“Current policies that treat biomass as carbon-neutral do not reflect their real impacts on the climate,” said Duncan Brack, associate fellow of the energy, environment and resources Department at Chatham House. “Public money should only be used to subsidize technologies that genuinely reduce carbon emissions.”

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