Sea Change: Boston—Engaging the Community

Climate Ready Boston Released

December 8, 2016

Today marks the release of Climate Ready Boston, a bold initiative that examines the possible impacts of climate change to the city over the next century. You can download the complete report here, or read on for a high-level overview below.

What is Climate Ready Boston?

It’s a roadmap for Boston to be better prepared for coastal, riverine, and stormwater flooding and impacts of heat. The report identifies vulnerabilities, analyzes, and quantifies projected annualized losses, and outlines opportunities to mitigate impacts. In addition to protecting against future flooding and other impacts, resiliency planning works towards opportunities to make Boston an increasingly livable city. Climate Ready Boston offers approaches to preparing the city for uncertain future events, improving the city’s vibrancy, and spurring responsible economic development. Boston’s work in this topic area has very real implications for the future of the city, but also sets an example for resilience planning and investment that leads the region and the nation.

What was the impetus for this initiative?

Climate Ready Boston builds on years of research and discussion on sea level rise in the city. A series of related studies were conducted by a mixture of civic, non-profit, and for-profit entities, including: the City of Boston, Boston Harbor Now, Sasaki, and the Green Ribbon Commission. This precedent work culminated in the City of Boston successfully applying for a Department of Coastal Zone Management grant to complete a detailed vulnerability assessment.

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