Possible Trump science advisor: Global warming is not worth investing in

Gage Skidmore | Wikipedia
Will Happer, Professor of Physics at Princeton University.

Robert Ferris | @RobertoFerris
17 Hours Ago

A prominent but controversial physicist who recently met with President Donald Trump says global warming is a “non-problem” not worth investing in, that CO2 is actually good for the atmosphere and the planet, and that the debate over climate change is driven by alarmists and is distracting the public from other more pressing problems.

Some have speculated that Will Happer, an emeritus professor of physics at Princeton University is on a shortlist of potential science advisors to the Trump Administration, after Happer met with Trump at Trump Tower in New York City in mid-January. Whether he will play any official role in the administration remains to be seen, but he has been a witness at hearings convened by Republican lawmakers on climate change.


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