Scientists: Climate Change Exacerbated Oroville Dam Crisis

HeadlinesFeb 15, 2017

In California, authorities have lifted a mandatory evacuation order, allowing tens of thousands of residents near the Oroville Dam to return to their homes. Nearly 200,000 residents living near the nation’s tallest dam were forced to evacuate over the weekend, after erosion caused a hole to open up in the dam’s emergency spillway, threatening to unleash a “30-foot wall of water” onto nearby towns. Environmental groups had warned California officials more than a decade ago that the Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway was at risk of erosion, but the officials ignored the warnings. Scientists say this season’s record-breaking levels of rainfall in California, which has filled the Oroville Dam to the brink, is one of the latest examples of extreme weather caused by climate change.

Report: Sea Ice Around Antarctica at Lowest Point Ever Recorded

HeadlinesFeb 15, 2017

In more climate change news, preliminary data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center shows the sea ice around Antarctica has shrunk to the smallest annual extent ever recorded

Bolivia’s Drought State of Emergency Hits 100 Days

HeadlinesFeb 15, 2017

Meanwhile, in Bolivia, a state of emergency over drought conditions has now been in place for over 100 days. Scientists say the drought is fueled by the retreat of Bolivian glaciers as a result of global warming. Protesters in Bolivia also say the water shortages have been worsened by government mismanagement and industrial mining projects. This is Bolivian President Evo Morales.

President Evo Morales: “Perhaps global warming brings with it many issues. My concerns are in the Bolivian highlands. In January, there was a lot of rain, but now there is no rain. If it does not rain this month and the next month of March, we are going to have many problems with the issue of water.”

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