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How to Inoculate the Public Against Misinformation About Climate Change – Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

By Sander van der Linden, Anthony Leiserowitz, Seth Rosenthal and Edward Maibach

Article · Jan 23, 2017

Our article “How to Inoculate the Public Against Misinformation About Climate Change” was published January 23rd, 2017, in Global Challenges: Climate Change.

Prior studies have found widespread public misunderstanding about the scientific consensus that human-caused global warming is happening. A series of experiments have also found that simply informing people of the fact that 97% of climate scientists are convinced human-caused global warming is happening, significantly increases public understanding of the consensus. In turn, the increase in public understanding of the scientific consensus is associated with smaller, but potentially important increases in respondents’ own conviction that global warming is happening, human-caused, and a worrisome threat that requires action.

However, the basic fact of the scientific consensus has long been challenged by opponents of climate action, who have attempted to sow doubt among the public.

The study tested whether preemptive “inoculation messages” can protect the beneficial effects of communicating the scientific consensus against real-world misinformation. We found that inoculation messages can protect much of the beneficial effect of the scientific consensus message, across politically diverse members of the public. Just as a small dose of vaccine activates the body’s immune system to protect against an infectious disease, so message inoculation can help protect the mind against the effects of disinformation.

In this study, we divided participants into 6 groups. Group 1 was a control group. Group 2 received the scientific consensus message, which increased their own estimate of the consensus by about 20 percentage points, consistent with prior studies. Group 3 received a classic disinformation message (the Oregon Petition) arguing that over 31,000 American scientists have signed a petition claiming that “there is no convincing scientific evidence of human-caused global warming.” This reduced participant’s estimates of the consensus by about 9 percentage points. Group 4 received both messages, which canceled each other out.

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Can America Survive the Trump/Corporate Media Industrial Complex?

The Big Picture RT

Published on Jan 9, 2017

The Big Picture Progressive Panel – Zaid Jilani, The Intercept & Lynn Stuart Parramore, Freelance Journalist. Corporate media handed Donald Trump between $2 and $3 billion in free coverage, making him president, just to jack up their ratings, is the biggest story of the year, perhaps even the biggest story of our lifetimes. The directors and managers and producers of a small handful of immensely powerful and profitable media corporations made the decision, in 2015, that The Donald Trump show was more important to put on TV every day and night than any actual news. And why did they do this? They did this because The Donald Trump Show brings ratings, and ratings determine their profitability. This sick, symbiotic relationship won Trump the White House, and it’s what will keep his presidency afloat long after it reaches its past due date. Oh yeah, and if you’re expecting some kind of mea culpa from the mainstream media for installing Trump, then good luck. That would mean that mainstream corporate television media would have to admit that its primary goal is to make money, not keep people informed about what really matters. Not going to happen. So, can America survive the Donald Trump/Corporate Media industrial complex?

We Just Passed a Dangerous New Climate Tipping Point

The Big Picture RT

Published on Jan 10, 2017

Thom talks with Red State Contributor Bryan Pruitt and Progressive Organizer Kai Newkirk about Jeff Session’s Attorney General confirmation hearings, whether Republicans will replace Obamacare, Bernie Sanders’ continuing progressive push. Then, Naomi Ages, Climate Liability Project Lead at Greenpeace USA, discusses what to expect under a potential Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

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Published on Jan 11, 2017

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Must See – Will We See The End Of Seafood In Our Lifetime?

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Published on Jan 13, 2017

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Ocean of Garbage | CBC


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A Vancouver photographer shares the shocking images he saw at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch near Hawaii.

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