The National Parks: America’s Best Idea: People – John Muir | PBS

Muir’s three-night camping trip with President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 could be considered the most significant camping trip in conservation history.

John Muir was one of the earliest advocates of the national park idea, and its most eloquent spokesman. Born in Dunbar, Scotland, he moved with his family to a Wisconsin farm in 1849. Muir’s father, an itinerant Presbyterian minister, treated him harshly and insisted that he memorize the Bible. By age 11, he was able to recite three-quarters of the Old Testament by heart, and all of the New Testament.

The National Parks


11:41Video duration: 11:41

In 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt travels to Yosemite and camps with John Muir. Muir has been struggling to add the Yosemite Valley to the extensive park system under the direction of the federal government. Teddy Roosevelt asks Muir to accompany him on a camping trip and they set off first to the Mariposa Grove.


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