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Double Agent / Snap Judgment, “Backstory” in Backstory

During Apartheid-era South Africa, Olivia, a government spy, finds herself on the wrong side of history.

Producer: Eliza Smith

“I owe it to many people, and to myself, to set the record straight. There have been many versions of parts of the story in the press over the years, many lies overlaid with truths and truths overlaid with lies. Much of the truth is just a palimpsest, an echo that changes even in the act of repeating it, but this is my story.”

In the dying years of apartheid, a most extraordinary story hit the headlines. Agent Olivia Forsyth had escaped from ANC imprisonment in Angola. Upon her return home she was feted as a hero by the government. In a flurry of media appearances and press releases, Forsyth claimed to have infiltrated the ANC and passed on vital information.

Is that what really happened? In the world of espionage, truth is the first victim and nothing is as it seems. Here, for the first time and in her own words, South Africa’s most notorious female spy during apartheid lays bare the story of her life.

Olivia Forsyth was also known as agent RS407, codename Lara, lieutenant in the Security Branch of the South Africa Police, ANC comrade Helen Bronson, prisoner Thandeka, alias Christine Smith.

Future Sea Level Rise: Top 10 Countries In Danger

The Daily Conversation

Published on Jul 30, 2015

These are the top 10 countries threatened by the 6 meter sea level rise we are almost guaranteed to see in the not-too-distant future, according to the projected pace of global warming and ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica.

NASA | Rising Seas: Science on the Greenland Ice Sheet

NASA Goddard

Published on Sep 15, 2015

Enjoy a deep dive into sea level rise research as NASA scientists and their colleagues discuss their research on and around the Greenland Ice Sheet. To learn more about NASA research and the study of sea level rise, go to http://www.nasa.gov/goddard/risingseas

Noam Chomsky Interview Richard Wolff State of Democracy


Published on Nov 29, 2016

Worst Case Climate Change (2008 TED Talk)

Kevin Surace

Published on May 18, 2014

In February 2008 I gave a talk at TED in Monterey CA. It was a TED-U talk for about 20 minutes. That talk was recorded but never posted online. The idea was to take best case or nominal case climate change off the table, and just for the sake of it…discuss worst case scenarios. No one was giving a talk like this…it was a bit too scary. Many people left the session in tears.
When I returned from TED we recorded the same talk in a studio even though I was sick (in this video). That was never seen or posted until now (May 2014), more than 6 years later. I remember being sick that day but doing it anyway.
What is most interesting is to look forward from 2008 when this was taped and see what predictions have come closer to reality (arctic ice melt and antarctic as well) and which have not. Regardless of one’s beliefs or political convictions, the ideas and science here make for great conversation. Hopefully none come true.

Noam Chomsky Interview | The State Corporate Complex Threat to Freedom and Survival


Published on Nov 29, 2016

Noam Chomsky 2016 The Truth Abt Your Country Noam Chomsky Interview


Published on Nov 29, 2016