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What’s wrong with our food system | Birke Baehr | TEDxNextGenerationAsheville

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Uploaded on Sep 23, 2010

Birke Baehr -“what’s Wrong With Our Food System? And How Can We Make A Difference?”


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TEDxMasala – Dr Vandana Shiva – Solutions to the food and ecological crisis facing us today

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Published on Sep 24, 2012

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Dr Shiva Vandana is a philosopher, environmental activist, eco feminist and author of several books. Dr Shiva, currently based in Delhi, is author of over 300 papers in leading scientific and technical journals and participated in the non-violent Chipko movement during the 1970s. The movement, some of whose main participants were women, adopted the approach of forming human circles around trees to prevent their felling. She is one of the leaders of the International Forum on Globalization and a figure of the global solidarity movement known as the alter-globalization movement.

Dr Shiva has fought for changes in the practice and paradigms of agriculture and food. Intellectual property rights, biodiversity, biotechnology, bioethics, genetic engineering are among the fields where Dr Shiva has contributed intellectually and through activist campaigns. She has assisted grassroots organizations of the Green movement in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Ireland, Switzerland, and Austria including campaigns against genetic engineering. In 1982, she founded the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, which led to the creation of Navdanya. Her book, “Staying Alive” helped redefine perceptions of third world women.


Vandana Shiva Calls War On Bill Gates || Valhalla Movement Network

Valhalla Movement

Published on Dec 9, 2015

On December 3rd Dr. Vandana Shiva sat in a press conference to discuss the topics of climate Change being the cause of refugees and terrorism. She also references the Bill Gates jargon being fed through the media and how we can protect ourselves from their language and answer back with ours.

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A Billion Go Hungry Because of GMO Farming: Vandana Shiva


Published on Apr 4, 2013

A Billion Go Hungry Because of GMO Farming: Vandana Shiva


Soil Carbon Restoration: Can Biology do the Job? – Regeneration InternationalRegeneration International

By NOFA / Mass


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Author: Jack Kittredge

A great deal of discussion in scientific and governmental circles has been focused recently on how to deal with greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting weather extremes they have created. Most analysts believe we must stop burning fossil fuels to prevent further increases in atmospheric carbon, and find ways to remove carbon already in the air if we want to lessen further weather crises and the associated human tragedies, economic disruption and social conflict that they bring.

But where can we put that carbon once it is removed from the air? There is only one practical approach — to put it back where it belongs, in the soil. Fortunately, this is not an expensive process. But it does take large numbers of people agreeing to take part. Since few people will change what they are doing without a good reason, we have written this short paper. We hope it explains the problem of carbon dioxide buildup and climate change, how carbon can be taken out of the atmosphere and restored to the soil, and the advantages that can come to farmers and consumers from growing in carbon-rich soils.

Climate Change

Weather anomalies are notoriously difficult to document. To do so requires good data over a long time, and clear standards for what constitutes an anomaly. Recently, however, as more and more people are interested in the topic, development of the data and standards has progressed. The key factors in extreme weather are excessive heat, precipitation, and air moisture. Recent studies have found that monthly mean temperature records, extreme precipitation events, and average air moisture content have all risen over the last 50 to 150 years. (Coumou)

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Ronnie Cummins and Dr. Vandana Shiva at the 2015 Regeneration International Conference

Organic Consumers Association

Published on Jun 18, 2015

Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association and Dr. Vandana Shiva of Navdanya, discuss how the newly formed Regeneration International Communication Network will help to promote the benefits of regenerative organic agriculture and counter the growing global push for industrial agriculture based on GMOs and the increased use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

Regeneration International was founded by the Regeneration International Working Group composed of Vandana Shiva, Hans Herren, Andre Leu, Steve Rye, Ronnie Cummins, and Tom Newmark.

Learn More and Join the Movement:

Learn More and Join the Movement:


State of The Transition, December 2016: As fossil fuel diehards take over The White House, the evidence of a fast-moving global energy transition has never been clearer | Jeremy Leggett

State of The Transition, December 2016: As fossil fuel diehards take over The White House, the evidence of a fast-moving global energy transition has never been clearer

Posted on January 3, 2017

As captains of the fossil fuel industries and their lobbyists prepare to take over the White House – appointed by a President elected by a minority, claiming to represent the people on an anti-elite ticket yet possessing by far the highest cumulative wealth of any cabinet ever – they will face evidence breaking out all around them of a fast-moving global energy transition threatening to strand the fossil fuels they seek to boost.

“World energy hits a turning point”, a Bloomberg headline read on 16th December. “Solar power, for the first time, is becoming the cheapest form of new electricity,” the article marvelled. Analysis of the average cost of new wind and solar in 58 emerging-market economies – including China, India, and Brazil – showed solar at $1.65 million per megawatt and wind at $1.66.

Google leads the giant corporations eagerly going with this flow. The largest corporate buyer of renewable energy announced on 6th December that it expects to hit its target of 100% renewable power in, wait for it, 2017. Google is a huge consumer of power, and going solar means deep emissions cuts, especially when solar infrastructure is hooked up with all the digital efficiency-enhancement fandangoes that Silicon Valley giants are zeroing in on in the fast emerging era of artificial intelligence in an internet of things.

Google’s emissions reductions will be meaningful even considering full product life cycles. Solar panels made today pay back the energy used to make them in little more than a year, a Belgian research team from the University of Louvain reported in December. “For every doubling of installed photovoltaic capacity”, Atse Louwen and his colleagues write, “energy use decreases by 13 and 12% and greenhouse gas footprints by 17 and 24%, for poly- and monocrystalline based photovoltaic systems, respectively.” This means that solar panels now return more energy than American oil: an average energy-return on energy-invested of around 14 (and rising) versus around 11 (and falling).

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Antarctic Ice Shelves And Global Dynamics | On Point

This Nov. 10, 2016 aerial photo released by NASA, shows a rift in the Antarctic Peninsula’s Larsen C ice shelf. According to NASA, IceBridge scientists measured the Larsen C fracture to be about 70 miles long, more than 300 feet wide and about a third of a mile deep. (John Sonntag/NASA via AP)

January 10, 2017   The crack in the Antarctic ice shelf grows by 11 miles. We’ll look at what’s coming, and talk with physicist Helen Czerski about the dynamics of the world around us.

It’s a world of physics out there. Immutable laws and amazing interactions. And we are part of it. Look right now at the huge stretch of ice dangling off the Antarctic. If it goes, a whole chain of physics kicks in that could rock your world. Physicist Helen Czerski says you don’t have to look to the South Pole to see the laws of physics unfolding. Just look in your teacup, at your cellphone, at a ketchup bottle. This hour On Point, the Antarctic ice shelf, and the physics of everyday life. — Tom Ashbrook


Andrea Thompson, senior science writer at Climate Central. (@andreatweather)

Daniel McGrath, geophysicist and glaciologist at Colorado State University.

Helen Czerski, physicist at University College London. Author of the new book, “Storm in a Teacup: The Physics of Everyday Life.” BBC presenter and science columnist. (@helenczerski)

President Obama’s Record on Climate and Energy

Climate State

Published on Jan 9, 2017

Learn more about President Obama’s record on climate and energy: https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-record

Ex-CIA director says Trump’s tweets a ‘security threat’